Star Cinema Opens 2020 With Thriller-Adventure Film BLOCK Z

1/26/2020 07:33:00 AM

In a world attacked by zombies, who are you?

Prepare for outbreak in cinemas this 2020 as ABS-CBN Films-Star Cinema opens the year with 'Block Z,' a thriller-adventure film by Mikhail Red. The Block Z barkada includes Julia  Barretto, Maris Racal, Maccoy de Leon, Yves Flores, and Joshua Garcia.

'Block Z' revolves around pre-med  students who encounter the death of a patient that exhibited sumptoms of rabies.

SOon, they face an even bigger problem as the patient comes back from the dead and infects the people on campus, causing a lock down and trapping other students inside.

Will they be able to get out and survive? Will each of them run for his/her life or stay for the others?

Completing the stellar cast of 'Block Z' are Ian Veneracion, Dimples Romana, and Ina Raymundo.

"Back in High School, I used to make zombie movies with my classmates, using ketchup blood and mini-dv camcorder," shares Red, who directed the award winning films 'Birdshot' and 'Eerie,' and the  most recent Netflix original film 'Dead Kids.'

"Now I get to fulfill my lifelon fantasy and make a full-scale-zombie movie with the biggest local studio,' he adds.

'Block Z' outbreak begins  January 29 in theaters across the Philippines.

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