Life Threats Are Real, We Need To Be Insured

1/15/2020 07:58:00 AM

There are things in this world that are beyond our control. It is hard when things happen in an instant, worse when you are not prepared. It puts you in a situation where you can't decide immediately. In these past years, I have been in positions where I have to face the truth about life.

Yes, reality hits real hard, the loss of my father, my husband's foot injury, and the hospitalizations of my kids. All of these happened without warnings or hints.

It gave me realizations that we need to be ready. We have to start with something that will eventually turn into a big thing in our life. One of the steps that I took before was having a burial plan, which helped my family when my father died. Perhaps having this personal accident insurance is a good life investment. It's not just for me but for the whole family as well. I would be very much at peace if it goes well. Ensuring my family and assuring that they would be covered if anything goes wrong.

We don't have any idea about when and where accidents will happen but one thing I am sure it happens when you least expect it. Having this personal accident insurance will help a lot, especially in times of need.

I may be hesitant before, but today, I will have to work on saving up for those insurance plans. As to what I usually hear, "baby steps." Let's move little by little and eventually will be there at our destination.

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