Effect of ECQ to our Mental Health

4/30/2020 09:32:00 PM

How are we coping with our situation now? How long will it take to bring back our normal life after this pandemic? How can we balance the advantages and disadvantages of Covid 19 in our lives? There are too many questions in my mind right now, especially for a mom like me, who thinks more of what will happen to us if there will still be no work. Even our kids are asking when will they be going out? What happen and why they did not finished their school? These are the questions that our family are asking.

The Enchanced Community Quarantine or ECQ really did make our lives different from the once that we used to have. It has been more than a month now and our situation may have an effect on all of us, how are we now? I tried to browse the social media posts and I find that some are already bored, some are stressed with the situation, and some even depressed now. In a simplest way to describe, some of us are having mental health issue or problem.

Just recently, Dr. Roland Cortez, Chief of National Center for Mental Health did a media conference via Zoom app to present the current status about the institution and what people are needing right now. But even though that the center is fighting about mental health issue they are also fighting the COVID-19 as some of their in-patients were also affected by the virus. The good news is that they were able to isolate the situation and address the problem.

I got interested on the topic of Dr. Cortez about the effect of ECQ to our Mental Health, according to him, there are different types of stress that people are experiencing right now such as anxiety, uneasiness, worrying, nervousness, boredom, getting very weak, restless and depression. It is because of what we are facing right now. 

Since we are all confined in the four corners of our houses, there are different aspects that contributes to what we are feeling every day as long as we are still in lockdown or quarantine mode. It was great that there are, still, so many things to do but one of the best thing that effectively helps is to talk. We all need to express our emotions and NCMH have there so called crisis hotline or help line USAP TAYO line 0917-899-USAP (8727) or the 989-USAP (8727). So, with this if you don't want to do an actual consultation you just talk to someone over the phone.

Aside from the hotline Dr. Cortez shared also some of the tips that I heard that you can do inside your house to overcome the feeling of depression and stress:

1. Break away from watching news
2. Always hydrate
3. 8 hours of sleep
4. Positive affirmation

So Mommies, we can all survive this, we need to show that we can overcome this, we can do lots of things inside the house! Kaya natin to! Laban lang!

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