Quarantine Time is Quality Time, #StayHome with Family

4/26/2020 02:33:00 PM

Staying indoors has become the new normal for families since the implementation of the enhanced community quarantine. Parents have turned to working from the comfort of their homes while kids are either on a break from schoolwork or studying through online classes and tutorials.

And as everyone waits for things to settle down, families can also treat this quarantine time as an opportunity to create real moments and connections by doing things they have wanted to do with their young ones. Here are some things you can do to reconnect with your kids and keep them engaged even when stuck at home:

Celebrate having more time with family

Treat this time to grow and reconnect with the kids while going through the crisis together. At a crucial time like this, where kids can be anxious and get cabin fever, encouraging interpersonal communications is recommended to maintain a good mental health and strengthen family relationships. You can gather around the living room and catch up on each other’s lives and exchange exciting stories from events before the quarantine.

PLDT Home has launched its #StayHomeSeries in collaboration with wellness experts to make time at home worthwhile. Among the activities in the #StayHomeSeries include live motivational talk and counselling sessions with Dr. Michele Alignay where she talks about tips on overcoming the crisis together as a family.

Get fit and strong together

Working out is better and more fun with the people you love. Set up a daily exercise routine and get those adrenaline pumping with the family. There are many fitness studios that are offering online zumba, crossfit, boxing, and even yoga classes.

As part of the #StayHomeSeries, PLDT Home has also partnered with training facility Pretty Huge Obstacles for Weekday Wellness livestream exercises and community workouts that feature easy-to-follow routines that families can do at home!

Try out new hobbies

It is never too late to enjoy new hobbies together with your kids. Put on those creative thinking hats and sit down with them for some arts and crafts activities. You can also teach them a few cooking skills and share easy recipes that they can do in the kitchen.

For more fun and interesting activities, you can check out the Friday Fam Day of #StayHomeSeries with Philippine Educational Theater Association. PLDT Home has tapped the organization for live arts and crafts workshops and music lessons for the whole family.

Chill out to good tunes

There is no better way to unwind on the weekends than by listening to and singing along to your favorite songs. Together with The Manila String Machine, PLDT Home has prepared everyone’s well-loved show tunes and movie soundtracks for online live streaming. The string quartet is set to entertain the family with soothing music that is perfect to accompany your weekend activities at home.

PLDT Home’s #StayHomeSeries partners will be streaming live on their official Facebook and YouTube pages. Catch a quick coffee break with Dr. Michele Alignay on 27, 9:30 AM for Mindful Mondays. Exercise with the fambam together with Pretty Huge Obstacles on April 28 to 30 at 10:00 AM. Get creative with PETA on April 24 and May 1 at 3:00 PM. Listen to The Manila String Machine as they play renditions of your favorite tunes on April 26 and May 3 at 9:00 AM.

With PLDT Home Fibr, you can enjoy reliable and unlimited access to the Internet that enables you to conveniently stream online for the family’s entertainment. Visit www.pldthome.com for more details.

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