Clint and Cat: The Reason Behind The Break-up

7/20/2020 08:09:00 PM

Why and what are the two (2) questions that will probably set the story straight. No one really knows at first the real deal about the break-up. I remember seeing the episode of Tonight With Boy Abunda, where Catriona Gray openly shared that their relationship is over. A romance of six years that went astray.

Just recently, news came out that there was a deeper reason about the split. According to the news, that floats now on the worldwide web, the alleged reason behind is that Clint Bondad was having dates with other women. Based on the story, that was the main reason for Clint and Cat break-up.

If you ask me where I get the news, well, I just read it on 'The Philippine Post' where the story is posted and take note it got a photo that will probably validate the story. As further read the story, one of the rich women was named as Anne Jakrajutatip, a Thai transwoman and CEO of JKN Global Media. Of course, later on, the rumors were dismissed, and the story died, but the picture remains.

The story might not have risen if not because of the cryptic posts created by Clint, which led the netizens to decode the posts and get into the details about their break-up.

For women, one of the mortal sins in a relationship is cheating. So, for a woman's point of view, that is one of the main reasons why there were no second chances that happened between them. Again that is my opinion.

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