Online Conference with Kyle Velino about Him, BL, and Gameboys

7/16/2020 10:22:00 PM

BL? What BL? Well, this is my first reaction when I heard of the two letters. I don't have any idea what was the BL thing is all about until my brother simply told me what was it. Then that was the time I understand the meaning. And it was just in time for the online conference with one of the casts of the Gameboys web series, Kyle Velino.

So, what was the meaning of BL? According to what I learned it is actually called Boys Love, a love affair from a different perspective. I just realized that this genre is already fickled the minds of today's generation. According to Kyle "... this is a story of love without boundaries and love without gender." Well, he said it right because gender is not an issue for this series.

The 'Online Conference and Chikahan' was an interesting venue to talk about BL, the series, and some info about Kyle. So to start with, Kyle Velino is one of the actors of ABS CBN Star Magic and he has appeared on some of the TV series and shows of ABS CBN like Maalala Mo Kaya (MMK), Ipaglaban Mo, The Good Son, Play House, and his latest is Killer Bride. It was enough to let him land in one of the characters of Gameboys. Now, he's doing the "Gameboys," which is the talked-about series of this generation, which is something unusual.

For Kyle, he considered being part of the web series a great privilege. This is one of the series that open the doors for many BL stories in the country today.

Online Conference and Chikahan with Kyle Velino
Online Conference and Chikahan with Kyle Velino
Posted by Showbiz Blah on Saturday, July 11, 2020

With COVID, there are plenty of restrictions in the shooting routines that is why, according to Kyle, they were doing the shoot differently. If before, they were doing it on-site with the camera crew, staff, and director, this time it's quite different because all the shootings are on their own. But of course, it is all based on the script and with the guidance of the director online.

According to Kyle, it was hard to play the role of a character who is a villain to the main character. With his inclusion in the Gameboys, it was hard for him at first. Not only with the group but also because of the established fans of the main characters. One meme that is used against him was the "Anti-Terrence Bill." As an actor, he took it lightly because, for him, he's doing his role effectively.

Watch more of the online conference and chikahan.

Gameboys is a Filipino BL web series that is under IdeaFirst Company, which is produced by Perci Intalan and directed by Ivan Andrew Payawal. The series is shown every Friday on IdeaFirst's YouTube Channel. Starring Kokoy De Santos, Elijah Canals, Adrianna So, and of course, the third wheeler Kyle Velino.

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