Rest on time at the first ever nationwide online slumber party

10/22/2022 04:09:00 PM

Do you often find yourself sleep-deprived? If so, you probably know how it feels to wake up the next day without having a good night’s sleep – you might feel sluggish, disoriented, and unable to concentrate. That’s because you’ve been missing out on the benefits of sleep.

Having a consistent bedtime routine, along with practicing healthy habits like proper diet and exercise, helps you get sufficient sleep you need and perform your daily activities. Unfortunately, sleep deprivation is a problem among many Filipinos, who are ranked fourth on people with the shortest sleep duration in the world. Late night binge watching, scrolling through social media, staying up late for work, or even cramming for deadlines, are just a few of the usual reasons for sleeping late.

To remind everyone of the importance of rest, Vicks ZzzQuil Natura Sleep is holding the National ReZzzt On Time Hour, to be launched through a nationwide virtual slumber party that will enjoin everyone to sleep on time at 10 pm. Hosted by Heart Evangelista, learn more about how resting on time, along with practicing healthy habits, benefits our health and overall well-being. Just log on to their Instagram Live session at October 24, 2022 9pm on Heart’s

Instagram page ( and prepare for lights out at 10pm. On this day, help us set a record for most participants of an online slumber party, and ready yourselves with some beauty rest and start the day #FeelingZzzuperAngGiZzzing!

Are you ready to #ReZzztOnTime? Prep for National ReZzzt on Time Hour by starting on a healthy sleeping habit with the help of Vicks Zzzquil Natura Sleep gummies! This product contains 1.6mg Melatonin per 2 servings of gummy. 1mg Melatonin when taken close to bedtime may help reduce the time to fall asleep. It comes in gummy form in wildberry vanilla flavor that’s tasty without needing water, which means you don’t even have to get up from bed. Prepare to rezzzt on time, and avail of the BUY 1, GET 1 promo in leading drugstores nationwide!

Experience the benefits of a good night’s rest, along with proper diet, exercise, and a little help from Vicks ZzzQuil Natura Sleep as your bedtime partner. Let’s make it a habit to #ReZzztOnTime, para #FeelingZzzuperAngGiZzzing!

To find out more about Vicks ZzzQuil Natura Sleep, visit

Vicks ZzzQuil Natura Sleep is available in Mercury Drugstores, Watsons Stores, and on Shopee.


ASC Reference No.: P145P101822VS

Per DOH FDA CFRR Permit No 1285 s. 2022

Duration: August 22, 2022 - August 22, 2023

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