Scary Things Happen in AQ Prime's KATOK

10/29/2022 10:49:00 PM


The scare season is one of the much awaited date of the year for people who would want to enjoy scaring or be scared. People get dressed in costumes to impress and to scare. That's Halloween, by the way.

So, if you're a fan of thrilling, suspenseful, and scary films, this is probably the season for you to enjoy and binge watch Horror themed movies.

We have plenty of options and platforms to choose from, but one streaming app brings something special, the AQ Prime, the new streaming app in the world wide web, gives its local and international viewers a different experience in viewing pleasure.

One of its latest horror film, KATOK, will excite your enthusiasm in Horror themed movies. This film stars Ara Mina, Soliman Cruz, Yñigo Delen, Joyce Javier, Mia Aquino and it is directed by Joven Tan.

So, what was KATOK movie about? Well, it's about the story of a so-called haunted house where Ara Mina who plays Romina, a caregiver will be serving an old man played by award winning veteran actor Soliman Cruz. The starting point is that for the past years, nobody stayed long in the house because they believe that the house is haunted. Before she can enter the room of the old man, she should knock thrice. As shown in the trailer, there's a haunting line that says "Maraming takot sa patay, pero mas nakaka-takot ang buhay. Maraming nata-takot sa bahay na ito, gusto nilang tuklasin kung totoo ang kwento. Sa tingin mo ba may KATOK ako?"

Remember the first movie of AQ Production, the Nelia, which had won an award? Well, I find it interesting that they actually had a play in mind with the theme of their movie releases. But anyway, it just came into mind because of the line "Sa tingin mo ba may KATOK ako?" If translated in English it asks if she has a loose knot on her head.

Launched as a sexy star, Ara Mina has proven that she's one versatile actress. She has done a lot of roles after moving out of the sexy scenes. According to Ara Mina, she loves doing horror films, she has done two Shake, Rattle and Roll fim in the past, so she really knows already how the process of creating this kind of film works. She also shared some instances that happened during their shoot. Ara and Direk Joven shared that they experienced some paranormal scenarios,"may isa kaming eksena na may biglang gumanun na kamay wala naman tao sa side na yun, lahat nasa side namin then may isa pa biglang nalaglag yung frame."

Aside from that scenes, there were also times during the shoot that Ara felt a little cold and heavy as if someone is on her back. Nonetheless, Direk Joven shared that the role was perfect for Ara and was meant for her.

Now that Ara is in a new level of her life, she manages to balance her life from being a mom, an actress, and a wife. 

Ara also shared that she will have an upcoming film and a series very soon. Like any other actress, Ara wishes to do challenging roles and probably one on her bucket list is Rom-Com. Come to think of it, she hasn't done any Rom-Com film. And her aim as her leading man is of course, none other than Piolo Pascual. As what she said "para level up naman." Well, it is indeed a level when you are paired with "the Piolo Pascual."

Ara also recalls and shared her sexy star days and made a comparison with the present generation of sexy stars. If you have time you can check out one of the video interview as she gave advice to budding actresses who wish to stay longer in the entertainment industry.

KATOK premieres October 29, exclusively on AQ Prime. Download the app now! Available for download on Google Play and App store (for onlyP100 for three months), AQ Prime offers a variety of world-class Filipino motion pictures, concerts, international events, and shows that are a feast for the senses.

For more details follow the official social media accounts of AQ Prime via Facebook and Instagram.

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