LifeWear magazine Issue 08 The Art of Everyday Life

2/21/2023 05:45:00 AM

Global apparel retailer UNIQLO today announces the launch of the 2023 Spring/Summer issue of LifeWear magazine (Issue 08) starting Friday, February 17. LifeWear magazine is a free publication that conveys the UNIQLO LifeWear philosophy of making the everyday lives of people richer and more comfortable. The theme of Issue 08 for Spring/Summer is “The Art of Everyday Life,” a rediscovery of the relationship between clothes and life. This is an issue that presents Spring/Summer stylings with “art” in the sense of a creative endeavor, as well as the qualities and skills that allow us to live each day positively.

Takahiro Kinoshita, Fast Retailing Group Executive Vice President and Creative Director commented: “Paris, Tokyo, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Kyoto, Stockholm, Boston, Hamburg, and Warsaw--these are the cities that LifeWear magazine visited and photographed for this latest issue. We wanted to convey the positive moods and values of each location and its people together with LifeWear, and were able to put together an issue with a feel of traveling.”

Overview of LifeWear magazine Issue 08 2023 Spring/Summer Issue
Magazine: A4 modified size, 120 pages, bilingual Japanese and English.
Main distribution locations: UNIQLO stores nationwide
Special website:
Includes exclusive content only available on the website.
Main Contents of the 2023 Spring/Summer Issue

Wardrobe Essentials

The opening feature focuses on basic UNIQLO items and how they continue to evolve. Presented are 11 items that anyone would want as a ready part of their wardrobe, including oxford shirts that improve with age, chino pants with an updated, modern silhouette, and print dresses that evoke feelings of elation for spring.

Talking Art and Denim in LA

This presentation of denim styles that accentuate individuality is coupled with a report on visit to Fast Retailing's Jeans Innovation Center in Los Angeles. The article highlights products from this R&D facility such as Blue Cycle Jeans, along with laser processing and other leading-edge technologies, from the perspective of a field trip by local kids.

Art and Life in Barcelona

In collaboration with Apartamento, a Spanish magazine that showcases the living spaces and lifestyles of creators around the world, this feature focuses on three artists living in Barcelona, with photos of them in their studios wearing some of the latest items from the Uniqlo U collection. Through interviews, they share their thoughts on the art of enjoying the moment through expression.

Hearing Rivers, Feeling Mountains

This interview article follows Northern Irish artist Nigel Peake, who created the cover art for this issue, on a visit to Kyoto. He discusses the art present in everyday life and his philosophy of creation while visiting flea markets, antique shops, and the city's geisha districts. Nigel emphasizes the importance of capturing moments in ever-changing days. The artwork he created for the cover is an image of Kyoto.

Classic Ballet, Youthful Spirit

This feature article follows the practice sessions of the National Youth Ballet in Hamburg, Germany. Eight young dancers in the company sport utility wear based on AIRism. The article is filled with talk of their dreams for the future, and their fresh charm.

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