Sibuyan Island Under Threat: The Urgent Need to Stop Mining Companies from Destroying the Ecosystem and Communities

2/10/2023 08:39:00 AM

Island life may be great for moms and kids but if I'll be spending it a place where mining is present I would rather be in the city.

What I'm referring to is this current news about Sibuyan Island. As much as I want to spent one of my vacations there because of it being considered as the "Galapagos of Asia." I believe I wont be able to enjoy that stunning beauty.

I can't still believe that people will do things indifferently because of greed.

Even though mining has provided employment and economic growth for some residents, it has also brought criticism for its harmful impact on the environment and local communities. The water sources on the island have been affected, and the local ecosystem has suffered from deforestation and soil erosion.

Despite the protests against it, some companies are still exploiting the island's resources. Dynamo Atlantic Ltd., Sibuyan Nickel Properties Dev’t Corp., and Altai Philippines Mining Corp. are among the companies in question and have disregarded warnings from the government's DENR agency.

Alyansa Tigil Mina has reported connections between Senator Sherwin Gatchalian, DSWD Sec Rex Gatchalian and Kenneth Gatchalian with Altai Philippines Mining Corporation. Additionally, Kenneth Gatchalian, the brother of the Senator, is reportedly a direct beneficiary of Dynamo Atlantic Ltd., the company that acquired Sibuyan Nickel Properties Dev't Corp., a partner of Altai Philippines Mining Corp (APMC).

As our world is already facing the effects of climate change, let us do our part to protect our natural resources by being vigilant and standing firm with our "No to Mining" stance.

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