Who is the mysterious Escalade owner driving around the city with a Senator's plate number?

2/27/2023 06:14:00 AM


 Hey, momshies, dadshies, and all! It's our guessing time again! Have you heard about this mysterious person driving around the city in a white Escalade using a number 7 plate? If you're familiar with the government plate numbers this number 7 is for Senator's vehicles only. So, this hot topic has been the talk of the town lately, and we have a bit of a story from our sources.

Accordingly, there are rumors that this Escalade owner may not be who they say they are, with some even speculating that they are a fake Pinoy. Apparently, there's also a pending case regarding their citizenship, but who knows if that's true or not.

What's more concerning is their reckless behavior on the road, especially when it comes to using the bus lane on EDSA. Despite the potential dangers and consequences, this Escalade driver seems to have no regard for traffic rules and regulations, causing a headache for both commuters and authorities. Do they really cause such ache in the head?

So, who is this mysterious Escalade owner, and what's their motive behind all of this? Allegedly, some say it's a show of power, while others believe it's a way to flaunt their authority. Whatever the reason may be, this enigmatic figure on the road has definitely piqued everyone's curiosity. Even I got curious too!

But until we get more information, all we can do is speculate and make wild guesses. Who knows, maybe one day we'll finally uncover the truth behind this Escalade owner's identity and their antics on the road. Until then, let's just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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