Anton Paras debuts 'Binabalewala', a track that speaks to the sentiments of the hopeless romantic.

3/30/2023 08:29:00 PM

Anton Paras, a singer-songwriter, has just released his second self-penned song, "Binalewala", under AltG Records, a sub-label of GMA Music.

Composed himself, he wrote the song in mid-2021 about people who make a lot of effort to show their feelings towards their object of affection but to no avail. Anton wanted to write a relatable song, so he wrote this for hopeless romantics.

Releasing his 2nd self-composed song is fulfilling to Anton because this is is his favorite, “Super na-excite po talaga ako nung nalaman ko na mag-rerelease po ako ng kanta. Sinabi ko po agad kay Sir Paulo Agudelo na gusto ko po itong i-record agad kasi ‘yung ‘Binabalewala’ po ‘yung favorite song ko so far sa mga na-compose ko po.”

Meanwhile, he shared the reason why he wrote the song and its relevance to the title, “Gusto ko po makagawa ng song na marami po talagang makaka-relate kahit anong age po sila.Then ‘Binabalewala po’ ‘yung title kasi parang ‘yung story po nung song is may guy na tinatry po niyang ipakita ‘yung efforts niya sa girl pero hindi po siya pinapansin kahit anong gawin niya po. Tapos doon po papasok ‘yung title po na Binabalewala. Kahit ano pong gawin nung guy, dedma lang po sa girl.”

As a multi-talented artist, Anton continues to explore different song genres, “Gusto ko po maipakita na I can do a lot of genres, na hindi lang po ako pang R&B Ballads. Gusto ko po ma-showcase ‘yung versatility ng voice ko po.”

He sends a message to all hopeless romantics, “Lagi naman pong may failure. ‘Wag na lang po masyadong dibdibin ang heartbreaks and move on to the next po kasi sabi nga po nila ‘There’s a lot of fish in the sea.’”

Anton Attributes his unique sound to the texture of his voice. He developed his passion for music from a young age, influenced by Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber, as well as R&B artists such as Usher and Boyz II Men. In fact, he admires the singing style of Ms. Julie Anne San Jose and hopes to collaborate with her in the future.

Anton expresses gratitude to GMA for providing him with the opportunity to showcase his talents, and he vows to work hard and deliver his best in his craft.

Don’t miss out on Anton Paras’ ‘Binabalewala,’ which will be available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide on March 31.

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