Fun At The Thermos Genuine Product Event

11/03/2011 08:25:00 PM

Photos courtesy of My Husband
My husband and I attended an event held in Shangri-la plaza. Well, it was a something good to enjoy as a mom. It was an event for the brand THERMOS.

Thermos has been first known with their vacuum flask that is a vessel that provides thermal insulation in preserving the state of the matter, whether it is hot or cold.  That’s the product that we have been with for quite long now. 

Photos courtesy of My Husband
The program presented one of the best Chef in town, Chef Niño Laus of Ninyo Fusion Cuisine. Well, I really enjoy the program because they presented some recipes of Chef Laus while using the products of thermos, aside on video clips of the cooking experience, they gave us recipes, I am so delighted, because I hope that I could try those recipes in my own kitchen. I would love to cook those recipes using the wok of thermos which my husband won. Imagine, I can cook the recipe with wok of thermos just like what Chef Niño did. Well, hope that I can cook delicious food in an easy way and no hassle because I use wok of THERMOS.

There's My Husband

Aside thermos product in the kitchen, they also have other products such as Thermos Sports Bottles, Hydration Bottles, Bottle coolers, Beverage Jugs, and Personal Coolers which are all mainly for sports and outgoing activities; the Thermos Foogo which is mainly all for kids; the thermos Office and ThermoCafe which are mainly for office people who loves their coffee warm.

We had fun during the event, well of course we won the product, so much happier, aside of it, we met other bloggers, and the staff of thermos, and new knowledge about the brand “THERMOS”.

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