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11/03/2011 08:58:00 PM

Recently, I started blogging again, it was 2009 when I started blogging but then I stopped because it’s not may “forte” to write something about my life. Well, quote and quote, blogging is a sort of making a “diary”. Until my husband eagerly and continuously courted me that it is really fun and fulfilling to engage in blogging. Well, my husband is just like an avid suitor because I remember when he was still courting me, his really persistent, that’s why I gave my precious answer to accept him. I just relate it now that he is persistent again in asking me to blog, there you go..i’m into blogging now.

Now, blogging offers so much more events unlike before. In addition, there are so many online contest and giveaways.

Just like when I joined Mommy Jes’ birthday giveaway, but unfortunately, I did not won the major prizes. I just won a notepad. Mommy Jes’ concept is really nice, because she have a lot of prizes. Just like a notepad that I won, because I am one of the 1st thirty (30) bloggers who join. I am very thankful because her giveaways gave a lot of experiences to me such as first time to join a contest, first time to receive a gift from the contest and first time to receive a mail from the US. It was really fun!

I am now thinking to hold giveaways for my readers soon.

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  1. yey so nice!! ang cute naman nhg story :) hehehehe glad you likedit. atleast naging memorable sa more than 30 n tao ang 30thbday ko :)


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