Maki @ 4

11/03/2011 08:55:00 PM

It's been 4 years since I gave birth to my eldest son. Now, I can't imagine that we are celebrating his 4th birthday. eldest is growing up...and soon his going to be a teenager. Well, it would still take a decade before maki become a teenager.

This birthday celebration was just simple, unlike before, we have huge celebration. One was his 1st birthday which we celebrated at Shakeys, his second birthday was in our house and his 3rd birthday was at Jollibee. Now, on his 4th birthday was just simple and only immediate family was there.

Since we have experienced emergency CS with our baby who was a premature, financial crisis hit us. So in order to make my son feel the celebration of his birthday we had everything simple. But before Maki's birthday I talked to him and asked him what he wants on his birthday party, take note "party". Maki told me, "mommy i want cake, i want party hats, i want candies and i want chicken"...oh so many request should I complain? Ah ah! I should not because in the first place I asked him what he wants.

So the mommy is on the mode of preparing all the stuff..

October 24, 2011, I went to the mall and bought a cake, and then party hats, and also giveaways. Since the guest of my son is just 5 kids I made the giveaways that I bought personalized. His guests are my brother and sister with their families, my sister-in-law with her husband and son and also Maki's grandmothers and grandfathers.

Well, I prepared fried chicken, pansit, rice, softdrinks and cake, surprisingly, my sister-in-law make a palitaw (a dessert out of sticky rice), my mother-in-law make a rice cake (also another dessert out of sticky rice) and my brother joseph bought a cassava cake. Now, Maki's food is ready and I'm so very thankful to my families on my husband side and on my side...

We started the party with a prayer and then a game...Shierleen, my sister-in-law brought a piñata, usher pull the thread (tie) and all the candies and chocolates scattered on the ground so all the kids got busy picking up those candies, and then finally we eat.

It's just a simple celebration and yet everybody are happy because we celebrated it with my whole family. So financial problem is not a hindrance to make you happy.

Next stop...Gelo's christening.....Gelo's 1st birthday celebration...very very soon...

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