Buy and Sell plus MUD

2/24/2012 03:45:00 PM

Last January 28, 2012, i attended a bloggers' event at Banapple Too in quezon city, they introduce to us about the buy and sell. Buy and sell known but through print ads, i remembered if you are looking for buying and selling they are usually asking the a little news paper.

But since most of the people is into online, they will launched their website which will be launched end of 1st quarter this year.

Aside buy and sell, the MUD also introduce their product and have a make up demo. They thought us some style and techniques in applying make up for us to look beautiful and nice to other people. Well, our model is none other than my friend Jing Javier. Since we are on the month of February, known for the Love Month, they designed her make up called as a date make up.  After the demonstration she can have her date and take note the make up will last up to 16 hours. I like the stroke the make up that they put to my friend it was so simple. and guess what?

After that event, we went home as i rode on a taxi cab someone texted me, oh its ms. jing her message was, my papi loves my make up so they went into a date..hahaha.

Try to visit the MUD at serendra and try to attend one of their classes.

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