Mommy's Pampering Day At Polished' em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio!!!

2/29/2012 09:04:00 PM

Who said that mommy can't be pampered...well, thanks to Mommy Josephine Bonsol and Ms. Sheryl Cecilia of Polished' em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio because this Mommy just got pampered.  I did have a wonderful experience and it was a great kikay day.

First we were welcomed by the owner of the salon Ms. Sheryl Cecilia and introduced their line of products and their services to us.  Though this is my first time to have this kind of services, I somewhat familiar with the services because I always hear my friends talk about their nails and other pampering services done to them but there's two services that Polished' em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio offers that I haven't heard from my friends.

Curious what are those services?  Well, here's the first one the UV Gel Nail Polish by Jennifer Lynn.  I'm sure for those who's always on look for new Kikay things, they know this already but for us this is new.  So experiencing it is really great.

So, what's this UV Gel Nail Polish?  Well judging from what I saw and experienced it is a gel hardens using an Ultraviolet rays I presume but rest assured that it is not harmful.  Compared to other nail polished this one doesn't have any strong odor and the good thing about it is that it is a gel.

So, how it is done?  Of course they need to prepare and clean our nails first before applying those UV Gel Nail Polish.  We were given a foot spa first and then made the usual routine of manicure and pedicure.  Afterwards, the best part the application of the nail polish.  One of the staff assigned to me started it by applying a clear polish on to my nails and instructed me to place it inside the machine.  It got a blue light coming out of it and I'm not really sure if it is the UV rays.  Five minutes after the staff removed my hands and put another polish and I think this time it's the UV Gel Nail Polished (Maira) by Jennifer Lynn.  With the same procedure they got my hands inside the machine and then viola... it's done!  According to them it will last 3 to 4 weeks.

The second is the Ear Candling.  This is my first time to hear such pampering procedure.  So, out of curiosity, I tried it.  The experience was something different because while it is being done there were popping sounds like something is being cooked and after that I feel so light and relax.  According to them Ear Candling relieves the symptoms of vertigo and dizziness that's why they encourage us to try it every 3 months.

And the last thing that I tried was their services for the eyebrows.  Though I know that I have a very low pain tolerance, I tried and it did made me cry...really!  Their procedure for the eyebrows was called the threading.  It really hurts and it was also my first time but it was so nice and I like what they did to my eyebrow.

There were also an eyelashes extension procedure but I didn't tried it.  Altogether, those three services are bundle and package for a prize of Php1,200.00 only.  Pretty economical for a day of pampering!

If you want to try those services that I experienced, well, just visit their place at 59 Road 3 Project 6, Quezon City.   It is just near the 7 Eleven Store at Visayas Ave., Quezon City.  Or you can simply visit their Facebook Fan Page Polished' em Nail Salon and Waxing Studio

Here are the services and products that they offer....

Manicure & Pedicure
Hand & Foot Spa
Hand & Foot Paraffin
Hand & Foot Spa w/ Mask
Hand & Foot Spa w/ Whitening
Brazilian Waxing
Bikini Waxing
Underarm Waxing
Half/Full Leg Waxing
Full Body Massage
Body Scrub
Back Scrub
Underarm Whitening Scrub
Full Body Mask/Paraffin
Ventosa w/ Massage
Nail Art
Eyelash Extension
Ear Candling
Eyelash Perm

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