A Night With Sabrina

2/08/2012 10:27:00 AM

Last Monday January 30, 2012 I attended a bloggers' evening with Sabrina at Red Box located at Eastwood Mall.

Sabrina is well known as Asia's acoustic sweetheart, she's so bubbly and jolly talking with her. Most blogger were fond on asking so many question to her because, she answered it with a smile always. She made the interview very intimate and not so boring.

Sabrina releases her follow up single from her highly successful "I Love Acoustic 4" album-her version of the hit "Moves Like Jagger". And another breaking news-last November, "I Love Acoustic 4" turned Gold in Indonesia and this month it is certified Platinum in that country. This makes Sabrina one of the few Filipino singers to have multi platinum success in Indonesia which other singers have tried but failed to penetrate.

I remember the following morning, one of my colleagues told me that Sabrina is well known for reviving songs.  I'm pretty much sure that she meant making it into an acoustic version.  Anyway at least I know that Sabrina is also known by many Filipinos if not all.

During the meet and greet with Sabrina, one of the blogger asked her, "who is Sabrina 5 years from now?" Well, she answered it seriously that she wants to be a plain housewife.  She is pretty much sure that she would love to wake up early morning to prepare food for her family and also to do things for her family.  I'm sure a lot of us were in awe about her answer.  I can relate to that because I am a wife but I'm not a full housewife so I don't know what I'm supposed to be called...ehem....either a housewife or a workingwife or workingmom.   I am a blogger too...well these things are just some of the things that makes me happy everyday. So, for Sabrina I salute her for answering that question and honestly sharing what she would really want in the future, but for now, she said that she needs to focus on her career. Keep it up!

After the chat with her it was a night of jamming and of course a lively interaction with the bloggers and those who initiated the event.  It is a happiest night indeed.

A Bloggers' Evening with Sabrina is brought to you by MCA Music in cooperation with Pinoy Magazine, Orange Magazine TV and Red Box: Rock, Dine, Roll.

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