Who Is Somedaydream?

2/16/2012 09:23:00 AM

I totally have no clue at all who sings the Selecta Cornetto disc commercial.  It's like a big question mark (?) to me but what sink in to me is that it is a foreign artist since the music is more of a foreign type of music.  Since I'm a working Mom, getting information on what's new and what's hit is limited but of course I do watch out for some but it's totally contained in a small amount of time.

When I have read about Orange Magazine TV invitation for the 1st Bloggers Meet-Up with Somedaydream, again it does not registered any artist that I know but when I have read that he sung the "Hey Daydreamer" that's the time that I say "Ah siya pala yon!"  It was a real knock out knowing that the singer of song Hey Daydreamer which is more likely of a foreign music is a Filipino.

"Who was Somedaydream?"  that's the second question that came into me.  Is it his real name or was it just his screen name, wasn't it his album?  Questions, questions and more questions that needs an answer.  I told to my husband that I really want to go to that Bloggers Meet-Up to know more about him and his album.  At first, I was disappointed that I'm not chosen.  I appease myself that perhaps there will be another event like this.

Then, hours before the event, Jeman of Orange Magazine TV informed me that I'm included in the Bloggers Meet-Up.  I was joyful and thanked Jeman for the invite.  The questions will now have an answer.

Somedaydream is name which he himself has made up to be his screen name.  According to him it was a mix of words that he chose since he made first the song so he came up with Somedaydream.   His real name is Rez Toledo, born in 1990 under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius.  Raised in Metro Manila and spent his school days in Ateneo De Manila University.   He also became an internet sensation but I wasn't aware of it, silly me.  He did have a band before and they were cool doing gigs around the Metro.  Then later on he does solo by creating his own music and lyrics.  So meaning he is a composer and a singer which is a great package for an artist plus add his clean cute look, now that's Somedaydream!

Last year was a great year for him, not just because he did created a songs but also the awards and recognition that he gained.  Perhaps first is the flourishing of his song "Hey Daydreamer" through the commercial of Selecta Cornetto disc in which even the little ones know how to sing the song.  Of course "Hey Daydreamer" did become a hit.  Then, he was awarded by Yahoo Philippines as Breakthrough Artist and Icon of the Year, got the #1 spot of both Pinoy MYX countdown and MYX Hit Charts year-ender edition, RX 93.1's "Song of the Year" and also made him "OPM Artist of the Year" plus he performed at the prestigious 2011 MYX Music Awards.  An abundant shower of blessings together with his mentor and manager ex-Hale vocalist Champ Lui Pio.  

Recently, Somedaydream's self-titled debut album was released under MCA Music Inc. and it features two of his hit singles "Hey Daydreamer" and "Delivery Boys" plus four more tracks like "Prelude", "Do-do With You", "Sing This Song" and "Break".  The album also includes an acoustic version of "Hey Daydreamer".

If you're looking for something OPM and something world class sound then perhaps better grab a copy of Somedaydream's album and feel the beat of his music.

Somedaydream’s 1st Bloggers’ Meetup is brought to you by MCA Music, Mecca Music and Pinoy Magazine in cooperation with official online partner Orange Magazine TV and Blue Onion Bar and Restaurant. Special thanks to Bose, Terranova, Keds and Selecta Cornetto.

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