Movie Review CAPTIVE

9/03/2012 08:37:00 PM

Perhaps I could consider the “Captive, Even Choice Is Not an Option” a good documentary film because it does not only shows the details of events but also shows some of the things like the culture of the member of the armed group and how they live their lives. The film had shown a linear flow in order portray the important events.

It adapts the story pertaining to the events that had happened during the Dos Palmas kidnapping in 2001. Director Brillante Ma Mendoza fearlessly gambles on this film just to portray how an individual reacts on situations being held captive and threatened by certain group.

Isabel Huppert, a French actress, played the role of Therese Burgoine, a French national and a volunteer social worker for a non-government organization based in Palawan. If you will try to peel off the thoughts of the film it is quite intriguing because the story shows negative sides of both the government and the armed group. Though, 25 percent of the film consists of fictitious characters and places, it still shows as if it is real.

Other casts of the movie are Sid Lucero, Angel Aquino, Ronnie Lazaro, Raymond Bagatsing, Rustica Carpio, Maria Isabel Lopez, Mon Confiado, Mercedes Cabral, Kathy Mulville, Timothy Mabalot and Coco Martin. The film will be shown in theaters nationwide on Sept. 5.

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