Biktima Grand Presscon

9/15/2012 07:03:00 AM

"Biktima" translated as 'Victim' is about a story of a female TV reported who wanted to be on the top of the game which lead her in accepting a dangerous work in to the island of Kamandao in Bohol.  Persistent and against her husband Mark's warning she was caught in the midst of an attack by insurgents.  Alice was believed to have died in the ambush with her fellow reporters. Devastated and left to care for their son, Alice's husband Mark turns to the former's best friend Sandra for solace and love.  

Things became normal for Mark with Sandra around until Alice is found alive after six months, her memory almost totally erased. Husband and wife get back together but then the missing pieces of what happened in the months that she disappeared fall into place and this triggers psychological scars that unravel turning the story to heat up.

Played by two of Philippine cinema’s great performers Cesar Montano and Angel Aquino joins with a young and passionate director, RD Alba in this dramatic thriller movie, “Biktima”.  This will hit the theaters on September 19. Shot entirely in picturesque yet perilous Bohol, the hometown of Cesar Montano.

With Mercedes Cabral, Sunshine Cruz, Ricky Davao and British-born actor Philip Anthony fills up the casts of Biktima.

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