Ang Lihim Ni Annasandra Set Visit

2/05/2015 05:27:00 AM

Remember that I have featured Annasandra here in my blog about their pilot episodes? Yes and they let us, bloggers, witness their one (1) week of their pilot episodes. It was a surprising teleserye in which Andrea portrayed as Awok.

Now, they gave us, bloggers, another chance to have a set visit all the way to their location in Tanay Rizal. We watched their taping as this is their very last shooting day for Annasandra. It was a great day and I learned a lot. From different facts about taping a Teleserye. This particular scene that they are taping on that day was between Andrea Torres and Pancho Magno. "It is hard to have a leading role in the teleserye unlike the Kontrabida" because most of the scene the artist that have the leading role is always part of every scene. 

The next that I learned was that it is very hard to be an artist (showbiz). During the taping, a second or a minute scene took for about 15 to 30 minutes just to have a final scene. There are plenty of destruction in set the set and this is part of the challenges of being an artist. The scene was a heavy drama between Andrea and Pancho. Andrea needed to hold and retain the emotion and there are times that suddenly Direk Albert Langitan shouted cut if he doesn't like what he sees on camera. We can really say that Andrea's eyes where really swollen from crying.
While Pancho still does his best to finish the scene, he has really improved his acting. "Pancho had a big revelation on this show." according to Andrea Torres and Ms. Hazel, the Executive Producer of Ang Lihim ni Annasandra. We, bloggers, realized that we're thankful that we didn't became an actor because it's so hard.

And now the end is near, please do watch the last week of Ang Lihim Ni Annasandra. There will be a great ending and a twist on the story according to Andrea Torres. "If you love someone you love her/him kung sino sya" Andrea added.

I will take this opportunity to thank you GMA Network and to all the staff of Ang Lihim Ni Annasandra for letting us, bloggers, witness the last shooting day of the teleserye. Thank you so much. 'Til next set visit again.

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  1. Wow! Napapanood ko yan sa hapon. Gusto ko rin makapanood ng taping :)


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