My New Banner and Name

2/05/2015 06:01:00 AM

It's been 4 years since the day I started my blog "MAG of my Life". It's almost as the age of my youngest son, Gelo. I am so happy to share my experiences in so many ways through my blog.

This brand new year, my artistic hubby, Marco Polo Demo of and Daddy Yashiro's Journal made a new banner for my blog, plus renamed it to "Mommy's MAG Life."

I like the way he created it, color blue is my favorite and he added those pictures that are very important to me and it shows what I usually feature in my blog-family, entertainment, food and much more. Since MAG indicates two meanings which is MAG for Marco, Anarc and Gelo; and MAG for Magazine, so I live my life as MAG. From "MAG of My Life" to "Mommy's MAG Life". 

Thank you so much Daddy Marco, thankful that I have a creative hubby. Hope my readers will love the banner and enjoy reading my blog as I enjoy writing it. Layout very much soon!

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