BoardWalk: #BWFRESHSTART 2015 Collection

2/05/2015 06:50:00 AM

As a mommy, I need to be stylish in so many ways but not too fashionista like some of the known models and fashion bloggers. I just like and enjoy preparing, mix and matching my family's clothes. Since I'm the only girl in our family and all of them are boys it's much easier to decide what they should wear for every occasion and I love it very much. Most of the time, my hubby ask my opinion about the clothes that he wants to buy, as well as my 2 sons, my taste and my choices are considered final. Hahaha!
Boardwalk is part of my family, I used to be a direct seller way back when I was still single, and love to be back as a seller now that I am a mom. One of these days I will visit their stores though I ordered already some items from Boardwalk.
So since I'm a BoardWalk enthusiasts, yours truly was able to witness the presentation of the fresh collections of Boardwalk for 2015 with a hashtag of #BWFRESHSTART with their fresh faces of Ambassadors. The brand opens the New Year by highlighting six of the: Men's Basic, Intimate Apparel, Missy, Cosmopolitan, We Love It and its newest collection for Men, Artiste.


This 2015, Boardwalk has found four young stars to headline a celebration of young love. Boardwalk highlights being young and in love with their couple collection, We Love It.
The We Love It Collection brings back to life the delightful loveteam (from Protege. season 2) of Jeric Gonzales and Thea Tolentino as one of the pairs for this collection. Joining them are fellow teen stars, Kim Rodriguez and Juancho Trivino, who are pairedtogether for the first time. Wear your heart on your sleevd with Boardwalk's We Love It Collection.

I like it and I love it, my hubby and I love to wear those kind of shirt, I will definitely order one of We Love It Collection. There are instance that I prepare uniform color of clothes for my family and it turned out to be called Team Yellow or Team Yellow, depends on the color that we wore. Hope that Boardwalk will cater clothes for the family that can include in We Love It Collection.


The Missy Collection is a line of casual clothing featuring a lot of graphic prints and playful pieces for young ladies. Their love for pop culture music and fashion is reflected. On the collection's designs. 

Boardwalk Missy Collection has a wide selection of fashionable clothes that young ladies would love. As the face of Missy Collection, Rich Asuncion shows that ladies could experiment with their looks from casual to party. Fill yourself up with zest and love for fashion with the latest designs from the Missy Collection.

A line of trendy clothing featuring dresses and blouses in fun yet sexy details and colors. It is young women who know how to balance work and play. Take its pieces from day to night by simple restyling your look. This collection is for the independent women loving the urban life.

As the face of Boardwalk's Cosmopolitan Collectiom, Janine Gutierrez embodies the youngand confident woman living the urban life. Make the cityspace your own fashio. Runway with the newest designs of the Cosmopolitan Collection

Mike Tan a model-actor who is one of the leading men of drama joins Boardwalk's newest roster of endorsers as the face of the Men's Basic Collection - the brand's line of underwear for men. It offers sexy yet comfortable pieces in various colors and bold print.

Oh well, I will definitely let my hubby wear this very soon.


Sam Pinto hailed as one of the country's sexiest, still leaves men and women in awe with her effortless beauty and sex appeal. She is the best bet for Boardwalk's Intimate Apparel Collection because she proves that being sexy can also be classy.

Boardwalk's Intimate Apparel Collection allows you to get fun, flirty and romantic with your underwear choices. Be bold with your fashion style inside and out.

I do have some of this collection, well I like the color and it flaunt my inner sexy but of course that's for the eyes of my hubby only I love to wear it and it is very comfy. I look young when I am wearing intimate apparel, the color choices is very cold in the eyes and the texture of the clothes is very comfy, that's why I love to wear it and I will buy again.


Artiste is the newest collection for Men. Alden Richards is undeniably handsome with a gracious heart to boot, Alden has been chosen to be the face of thr Artiste Collection. This is catered for the dapper city lads with refined taste. Watch out for the Artiste Collectio this 2015.
So mommies, visit Boarwalk branches to be a dealer or just order the appropriate clothes for your family. Definitely there are some dealers in your area free to ask them about the newest trend in the metro.
I will take this opportunity to thank the staff of Boardwalk Philcoa Branch for a commendable and accommodating personnel. Keep up the good work girls.
Visit their website , facebook, instagram and twitter @BoardwalkPH.

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