Acer's New Product, The Acer Liquid Zest

6/05/2016 06:16:00 AM

For a mom who loves to take photos of my kids and family then brag around how cute they are, this gadget is a reliable one. Yes, because the Acer Liquid Zest’s features pack quite a punch when it comes to keeping up with today’s tribal youth (10s to early 20s) who are addicted to photo-centric social media, enjoying stream-music via phones and see smartphones as a major means of interacting and connecting with their social groups. So, it only means that I'm not way far from today's youth. Hahaha.

Anyway you can really enjoy this device to capture, share and enjoy the journey better with a vivid 5" display, DTS Studio Sound and a 5MP wide-angle front camera. You can check it all about here on the video below.

For the Acer Liquid Zest, DTS Studio Sound brings professional cinema experience on your phone. Enjoy the bigger sound field, higher vocal clarity and more natural details.

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