UNILAB Products In Our House Our Choice

6/29/2016 12:21:00 PM

As a mommy of 2 kids, health is very important for me. There are so many things a Mom should do to protect her family. Some of these are giving the best things for them and choosing the products that we can depend on for protection.

Recently, while cleaning and getting things in order after more than a week of hospital and meds, I just realized that some of the products that we used and still using in the house are from Unilab (United Laboratories, Inc. to be precise).  So this got me interested to look at their website which you can also check out www.unilab.com.ph and guess what I've found out from their website? Well, they just got almost 1000 products that are in the market and is being consumed by us and what's great about it, is that these products are meticulously checked by 3000 experts. Now that's something that I've learned today.

To name a few of these Unilab products that we are commonly use in the house and put our trust in, to help me provide better health for my family are:
Biogesic, Neozep and Bio Flu, these are medicines that me and my hubby takes when we are feeling sick. I learned before that Biogesic is proven safe and effective for pregnant Moms. When I was pregnant I take this medicine to relieve headache. I took this medicine to avoid extreme pain because I have low pain tolerance. Sudden pain makes me ill immediately and Biogesic is a big help for me.

Ceelin, it is the vitamin C that my Kids takes. From the start I used this vitamins for my kids to enhance their immune system. Ceelin increases body resistance from stress and infections and hastens recovery from illnesses and the healing of wounds. My kids love the taste. I have 8 years old and 5 years old sons and they are now taking the Ceelin Chewables.
Recently, my kids Pediatrician prescribed Ceelin Plus, Ascorbic acid with zinc to them because Zinc helps the kids immune system to fight invading bacteria and viruses. Kids will not have hard time taking it because it's apple flavored to make Ceelin tasty and easy for kids and they love it.

Aside from Ceelin their Pediatrician also prescribed Ferlin, which is also a Unilab product. This is an additional vitamin for the kids to make energetic, lively and healthy. Most of the people that we met always says that our kids gets got white complexion and I would respond that it came from my blood, hahaha, that's because my hubby's complexion is brown. The thought they are white wasn't good because according to their pedia they are having iron deficiency that's why they look whiter but with the prescribed Ferlin they will eventually look better and will grow healthier.
Mommies, try to check all the products that you are using in the house. Maybe you will find out that most of it are Unilab products just like me. Unilab products is always there every time you need it, the brand that you can trust and help you in making your family healthy.

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