Love Me Tomorrow, Screening Worldwide

6/06/2016 06:08:00 AM

TFC@theMovies shares the story of love without bounds, “Love Me Tomorrow,” worldwide starting this week. Piolo Pascual, Coleen Garcia and Dawn Zulueta perform together for the first time in Star Cinema’s movie about generational love, screening worldwide starting June 3

Star Cinema defies time and tradition as it brings together three of the most exciting names in the Philippine entertainment industry – Piolo Pascual, Coleen Garcia and Dawn Zulueta in a story of three people who get entangled in a love that knows no bounds, “Love Me Tomorrow,” premiering worldwide starting June 3 via TFC@theMovies.

“Love Me Tomorrow” brings together Pascual and Zulueta in their first on-screen team-up as Christy Gonzales and JC Rivera, two individuals, unlikely to strike up a relationship given their age difference.
Christy is a forty something woman who married quite early and has spent the rest of her married life as a devoted wife and mother. After her husband dies and her children leaves for life overseas, she enters a new phase in her own as an entrepreneur.
In the course of her new life, she meets JC, a man in his late twenties who defies his parents’ wishes and pursues a career as a disc jock instead of managing his family’s business.
With JC, Christy feels a renewed spirit while in Christy, JC finds himself wanting to become a better version of himself.
The non-traditional kind of love is met by mixed reactions especially opposition from Janine (Garcia), a fashion icon who can get the men she wants but not the man she most wants – JC.
Meantime, the relationship that crosses generations gets the acceptance from Christy’s friends but defiance from her children (Maxine Magalona). It may have gotten the admiration of some of JC’s colleagues but it earned the chagrin of some of his loved ones.

Faced with their personal differences and these feedback, can love truly surpass the challenges and frailties, and sustain the bond that broke the bounds for Christy and JC?

Find out in this movie directed by Gino Santos with a script written and developed by Jeff Stelton and G3 San Diego, “Love Me Tomorrow.”

“Love Me Tomorrow” will have worldwide screenings via TFC@theMovies’ starting this week: June 3 in the US and Canada; June 3 in Saipan; June 4 in Europe; June 9 in the Middle East; June 9 in Australia and New Zealand; June 10 in Papua New Guinea; and a one day special screening in Singapore and Malaysia on June 19.

For more information, visit,, or visit TFC’s facebook pages worldwide.

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