I'M BACK........

6/27/2016 06:00:00 AM

After so many triumphs and circumstances that happened in my life this month, I'm back to where I want to express all the heartaches and happiness in my life, BLOGGING!

The Triumphs...
Last week up to this week my struggles filed up and I feel so much stressed experiencing these things but of course I need to be strong to face it all.

I thought after my 3 and 1/2 month work at Smartmatic project, I'm now back in Blogging, but it was not that easy when triumphs started.

June 16, I am officially a full time Mom after my work at Smartmatic project and at the same time I can now focus in Blogging, unfortunately my start is not good because my eldest Son Maki got sick that I needed to have him checked by his Pediatrician.

On that same date I came to know that the brother of one of my close friends, Annalyn Budomo, passed away.

June 17, Maki was still sick and another bad news came early morning as one of my Blogger friends, Bedalyn Aguas told us that our dear blogger friend Iyane Escarpe died, it was painful to know and much more painful that I couldn't be there to comfort our friends because my son needed me.

On the following day, my son Maki was confined in the hospital. It's hard to think that after 8 years this will be the first time he'll be staying in the hospital to be treated. 

On the 20th of June, our youngest son who is left with my hubby, also got sick with high fever that made me immediately call my mother to assist and be with Gelo. He was checked up by his Pedia Dr. Lazol and was diagnosed with UTI.

Both my sons were sick, I can't help but felt sad that I couldn't took care of my kids together, one of the most important thing for a mommy is to be with his kid if they are sick, but I can't. I am really disturbed this particular day, that the father of another closed friend's,  Jennifer Taguiling, passed away. Another friend that I wanted to be on her side, but still can't.

June 22, finally, Maki's pedia cleared him from illnesses and ordered for his discharge from the hospital. Officially  were out in the hospital, but of course he still need to continue his medications. His clear of the diagnosed Acute Parental Diarrhea and Pediatric Community Acquired Pneumonia. I'm really restless and wanted to instantly jump from the hospital to our house just to be with my youngest Son, Gelo, who is still sick and have fever.

June 23 Gelo needed to have a follow up check up because fever still there, infection still there, continuous medication is a must and Dra Lazol told us that if he still have fever on June 24 he will undergo an Xray.

June 24 I am praying so hard that both of my kids should not have fever, I am the one who's left in the house with my sons, because my hubby needs to go to work after his 3 days absent.

June 25 I am finally back in Blogging. My sons are free from fever and I am very thankful that they are okay now.

So much struggles right? I need to cope up from those painful experiences. Prayers really work.

Thank you so much to all my friends and relatives who showed cared in my Family, especially to my hubby and to my Mom, who never left her grandson, Gelo. Thank you so much to those who lend us money to support our financial needs and to Dra Lazol our Pedia who received too many messages from me during those days, regardless of time, she still replied. And thank to our almighty God who showered healing for my sons and for giving me and hubby a strength that we needed that time of triumphs. Thank you so much to all of you.

Sorry to all my friends who lost their loved ones that I did not make it to comfort you all. Sorry to my ever dearest Blogger friend Iyane Escarpe, that I can't make it to your last event, but still I know my friends will understand me.

Sorry to those PR of the events that I attended that until now I don't have blog post yet, so sorry, but I promise I will do my best this coming week that I will be posting all of them,

Thank you to those who will read this, 'til next blog post.

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