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Pacquiao Family is very known here in the Philippines, from the boxing legend Sen. Manny Pacquiao and former Vice Governor of Sarangani Jinkee Pacquiao, and now their son Jimuel Pacquiao enters the world for being Ambassador/Endorser of BlueWater Day Spa, the premier lifestyle center for beauty and wellness.
Jimuel aims to give a voice to the under-represented youth. “Especially as a teen myself, I understand the needs of those my age. Like our parents, we need to de-stress and recharge – but most especially we need treatments that can help us in managing our skin problems,” he shares.
Christian Bautista hosting the event.
While the child of extraordinary parents, Jimuel is a typical teen, who is not immune to the breakouts and skin problems that come with growing up.
This 15-year-old juggles an intense academic life as a Grade 10 student as well as the responsibilities of a varsity basketball team player. The task of balancing school, sports, extra-curricular activities and family does sometimes cause stress, he share, which leads to pimples and breakouts. This of course further exasperates the situation.

As a mommy of two sons, I got some few learnings from Jimuel since my Kuya Maki is already in Grade 4 and in just a few years, I will be having a teenager son. Problem on pimples and breakouts really matters to them as they growing up and experiencing teenage life. Aside on the issues about teenager, I am happy to see how supportive Jimuel's family, present during the event were his parents and with that take a view of the video message of Sen Manny Pacquiao for his son Jimuel.

 In BlueWater Day Spa, he has found a trusted partner. Thanks to its Anti-Acne facial and skin treatments, Jimuel can control his acne and enjoy clear, energized skin.


 Of course, he also treads to BlueWater Day Spa for its relaxing treatments, such as the Athlete’s Massage, which help ease tired muscles. He enjoys improved performance on the court thanks to this tension-relieving spa treatment. Jimuel clarifies that he has no plans of going into showbiz, “but I was excited to join the BWDS family because I think it’s a great opportunity to become a voice for the youth.”
Here's the video during Jimuel's interview;

My blogger friend Jing Javier asked if Jimuel will enter showbiz and according to him of which he clearly stated that he has no plans of going in to showbiz. Watch the video here.

Mommies, visit Bluewater Day Spa one of these days, it will be your bonding moment with your teenager.
(L-R) Senator Manny Pacquiao, Jinkee Pacquiao, Jimuel Pacquiao, Mary Simisim, Nancy Go and Christian Bautista
For more information visit www.bluewaterdayspa.ph or visit their branches in Ortigas-Greenhills (Tel No. 7278420), Makati (Tel No 8173126), Capital Hills (Tel No 4730455), Eastwood City (Tel No. 9151247) and Cotabato City (Tel No 09228399751)

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