Quim's Cake Bakeshop & Cafe and their P5 Million worth of Cakes

7/11/2016 01:10:00 AM

Business is business! There are so many ways to promote your company and there are so many ways to inform the public about your great products.
One of the bakeshop in the country today made an interesting way of introducing their products and letting the bakeshop be known or make a mark as Quim's Cake Bakeshop and Cafe with its Chef and co-owner Chef Jack Labang posted on social media that they'll be giving away cakes worth Php5 Million if Rodrigo Duterte wins the presidency.
True to their word I was invited to visit their bakeshop and witness the first claimant of their so called Php5 Million cakes giveaway. Of course my visit isn't complete without having a taste of what they'll be giving away and I could say that Pinoys with sweet tooth will enjoy these treats. Below are some of the sweets that they have...



Here are the cakes that Chef Jack Labang bakes;



Aside from pastries and cakes they also offer breakfast meals, pasta and more. Check out the pics below.



One of their meal offerings that got my interest was their Sashimi Mango Sinigang. I love sinigang and I always serve it to my family but this time I tasted a different kind of sinigang. It's very unique from the usual sinigang that I know. I will let my hubby taste it also soon, maybe we can spend our date at Quim's cake next time.
The next dish that has a surprisingly interesting taste is their Roast Belly with Choco Bagoong sauce. Just by name it looks interesting. According to them they roasted the belly for almost 3 hours and gave a twist with their sauce which is the Bagoong with chocolate flavour.
The establishment have 2 floors which is great as they cater their growing number of customers, it is really a homey ambiance located at the heart of Quezon City, Tomas Morato. They also offer catering services.

Here's the very first claimant of the free cake of Quim's Cake Bakeshop & Cafe.
Chef Labang shared the advantages and disadvantages of the marketing strategy they used to be known. First is they became famous and people got curious about the P5 Million cakes. According to him its overwhelming that their official facebook page got thousands of likes and they got a growing number of customers. The disadvantage was that there were lots of bashing online, of which I've read it personally. There are some saying that they are not true to their promise, but here we are featuring Quim's cake and their very first claimant. It was a lesson learned from Chef Labang but still Quim's is very true with their promise they'll be giving away P5 Million worth of cakes that started last July 1.
According to Sir Anthony, one of the owners of Quim's Cake, they are planning for expansion very soon and they're also open for franchise.

In order to organize the distribution of the cakes, Chef Labang did a schedule of distribution. The cakes will be given away every 1st and 15th of every month to the first 50 customers who will register via email at quimscake@yahoo.com until they reach the P5 Million target.

While we were on their store last July 1, there were few slices of cake went unclaimed. Labang did was shared it to some of the street kids. He also shared that they are doing charity works as well like giving cakes in the neighborhood and other institutions.

Mommies if you want to taste some of the delectable offerings of Quim's cake, take a visit to their store which is located at 38 Tomas Morato Ave., Diliman Quezon City with telephone number 413-4018. Let your family have a bonding moment at Quim's cake while munching of their pastries and cakes. My next date with my hubby will be at Quim's cake soon so watch out for it.

Here is the video of our Interview with Chef Jack Labang;

For more details visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/quimscakebakeshopcafe/ and their IG: @quimscake

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