PPOP Generation Boom! Ganda First Performance

2/02/2019 04:50:00 PM

With the rise of the POP genre and the booming of different nations POP groups like KPop and  JPop, Philippines has its own version of the Pop group, the PPop. One of the Pop generation group that is flourishing now in the entertainment industry is the PPop Generation Boom! Ganda.  After they were introduced to the media last year they are now making waves with their regular show at Teatrino. 

Last January 8 was the start of their regular shows with two (2) shows a night. Having performed by different group of PPop Generation per performance. The 45 members of PPop Gen were divided into three (3) groups, Team A, B, and C. During their first day of show Team A and B performed while Team C is expected to perform on the following day of scheduled performance. This will give all girls to have time to rest after their performances.

The show was amazing and entertaining just like a professional performer who have performed already. I really enjoyed their production, their steps and the choice of their music. It's just right! They dance gracefully and don't forget that they all know how to sing as well, it was a total performance. They were all trained by Ms. Geleen Eugenio.

Do watch PPop Generation Boom! Ganda at Teatrino every Tuesday and Saturday 6pm and 8pm until December 28, 2019. You can buy tickets at Ticketworld and at Teatrino.

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