JM Shawarma Moves Up North with Its Endorser JM de Guzman

2/18/2019 11:13:00 AM

2019 is a good leap for Barefruit Group of Companies as their only Mediterranean food brand JM Shawarma move their flavor up north. Taking a bigger bite of the Luzon market and by having Araw Gabi actor, singer and endorser JM de Guzman as their official face.

A name match-made in shawarma. JM for JM, JM de Guzman for JM Shawarma.

This Meditteranean brand, JM Shawarma, oiginally came from the Tuna Capital of the Philippines, General Santos City. This shawarma brand has been one of the top in the Visayas and Mindanao region for almost six years. But more recently, the brand has ventured in Manila thereby widening their reach to a total of 100 stores nationwide.

With JM de Guzman onboard the brand is assuring that they will bring more what is expected from them. More new products, exciting and unique flavors, and more variants will be rolling out in their stores.

“Excited ako kasi sobrang sarap sa pakiramdam na mapagkatiwalaan na maging endorser ng isang brand gaya ng JM Shawarma, na talagang tinatangkilik ng mga kababayan natin,” said JM, who’s more than grateful for the new blessing in his career.

“It’s a first for me in a long while, so nilo-look forward ko ang pagsasama namin at kung paano ako makakatulong para sa JM Shawarma,” added JM.

According to Barefruit Group of Companies’ founder and chief financial officer Hannah Miranda-Mamon, choosing JM as their official face is a no brainer since, like JM, their brand also has a great potential.

“We believe na sa dami ng pinagdaanan ni JM Shawarma as a brand, we can relate to the story of JM de Guzman. Si JM himself ay marami ding pinagdaanan pero ngayon, he made a great comeback and that he never gave up,” said Hannah.

While they are a newcomer in Luzon, Hannah boasts that JM Shawarma’s superior food taste made up of fresh ingredients and tasty sauces of garlic, cheese and barbecue is something that could put them at par with their competitors, on top of their products’ affordability.

“We also have Tuna Shawarma highlighting the abundant product of Mindanao mostly healthy buff love it. We also regularly introduce variety among our products. The recent blockbusters that we have are the Cheesy Wrap and Shawarma Overload,” she shared.

But as far as their competition is concerned, Hannah underscores that it’s only a secondary issue for them. “It’s a challenge that inspires all entrepreneurs to continuously improve. As long as we continue to focus on taking care of our customers, consistent in our quality and as long as we have dedicated and happy team around we can compete,” she said.

Expect to see more JM Shawarma stalls in the coming years, especially in the common areas in Metro Manila and other parts of Luzon and Visayas with their commissaries now ready to serve the entire Philippines and with JM ready to just munch it with JM Shawarma.

Barefruit Group of Companies profile

Established in 2010, the Barefruit Group of Companies has been in the food and beverage business for almost nine years now. Initially capitalizing on the founders experience in the food industry and utilizing the abundant products of Mindanao, they were able to put up around six food concepts namely Barefruit, Barefruit Guyabano, Merry Mango, Pedro Pen Buko, and JM Shawarma.


To date, the Barefruit Group of Companies already has 250 stores nationwide from Jolo to Marawi City. On top of strengthening their brand, Barefruit Group of Companies also actively participates in helping the community through Project Earth, wherein they assist farmers in the development of trees and vegetable farms.

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