The Skin Bureau Glamour Introduced During the Brand Launch

2/02/2019 03:55:00 PM

For moms who's been through a lot lately like, taking care of the kids, cleaning the house, preparing food for the family, making sure that everything is in order, and doing a lot of moms do is somehow keeps us away from the beauteous way when we were still single. But hey who says that we should deprive ourselves of these beauty regimens. Well, being a mom doesn't mean that we'll forget about ourselves, so I was one of the invited bloggers that covered one of the event happened in Sofitel Hotel Manila last January 26, 2019.

The event is about this new player in the beauty industry that will provide you regimens for your skin needs. The Skin Bureau, a 100% Pinoy Enterprise will launch a new set of products not only to compete with current players in the industry but to become an option among women and men.

The Skin Bureau (TSB) is a brand of skin care products owned by Skin Bureaur Skin Care Enterprises.

With a deep understanding of what women and men needs, across all skin types and ages, the stakeholders behind these skin and beauty products are confident in catching the attention of people with discriminating taste and preference when it comes to skin care and beauty maintenance.

It was a concept ingeniously hatched by a nurse by  profession back in 2015, with the brand officially taking off the ground via a launch in June 2017. A year later, Skin Bureau began introducing its products in the Philippine Market.

The owner noticed that Korean skin care products have been lording over, thus he came up with the idea of creating a local skin care brand that would cater not only to women but also to men.

The following years of painstaking research and development saw the birth of his own skin care brand, one which was a cut above other skin care brand of all empowered teenagers, young professionals and adults which ensures optimum customer satisfaction.

What's more, Skin Bureau ensures profitability to sustain its position in the industry while delivering an excellent relationship with its clientele.

The Skin Bureau has a variety of skin care products to address the needs of any skin type. This wide array includes soaps, toner, day and night creams, moisturizers, face mist, face and eyes serum and lash serum with added vitamins for a healthier-looking skin specially formulated to be gentle and effective.

For this event, the Skin Bureau Glamour Brands that will be launched are the following: Lip Scrub in a lipstick, mist and hair gel, but focus will be on its flagship products, the TSB Lotion and gluthathione. This affair coincides with TSB's first anniversary.
The event will be graced by celebrities and personalities form showbusiness as well as social media influencers.

Behind the production, pr and marketing of this event is Macotreju Events International for inquiries please call 0977-734-7494

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