Celebrate Love in All Forms on TikTok

2/14/2020 04:00:00 PM

February is known as the month of love! As this season rolls in, people around the world get creative with how they express love towards those who matter in their lives. While it is best known as a time to celebrate romantic love, after all, Valentine’s Day happens right in the middle of the month, February is as good a time as any to express love in all forms.

Are you ready to show the world how much you care for someone or something? Why don’t you try doing it online through TikTok? You might just be surprised at how much love there is going around in this popular app. Here are some of our favorites.

Fur Baby Love

Ask any pet owner to talk about their fur babies, and they’re almost always sure to start gushing about how much they love their pets. It’s not unusual to see pet-lovers post about their kitties and pooches online, too, and TikTok is no exception. Take @ardelpresent for instance, whose adorable pet dogs regularly make an appearance in his videos.

BFF Love

Best friends tend to do everything together, so it isn’t surprising when they show up in one another’s TikTok videos. Creating posts together is not just a lot of fun, but it can also be a great way to show appreciation for your BFF and constant. One pair of besties that you’re sure to love on TikTok is @fa_shainebuhat and @chriannn. While it’s entertaining to watch their individual posts, the best ones are really those that the girls record together.

@fa_shainebuhat Meet my girlfriends! They are also a Flight Attendant! ✈️ FollowChrianB erna
♬ Original Sound - Unknown

@chriannn collab with my UYAB #duet with FA Shaine Buhat ✈️ #tiktokphilippines #foryoupage
♬ original sound - A I R A

Love for the Environment

TikTok can be a great way to speak out on issues that you are passionate about. You can get as creative as you can be, in order to get people to pay attention to topics that matter, such as human rights, equality and freedom of expression. One issue that has become increasingly pressing over the last few years is the state of our environment, and how we care for our planet. It is important for us to give value to the Earth after all it is our home. Many users have started posting about their love for the environment on TiktTok, just like this post by @cedricksblanco.

Love for the Arts

Did you know that February is also National Arts Month in the Philippines? This has been celebrated since the early 1990’s, and aims to honor our national artists in various fields such as cinema, music, architecture, literary arts, and visual arts. It’s a great time for those with a love for art to showcase their talents, both in the real world and online. There are a number of users you can check out and follow on TikTok, too, if you have a love for the arts. One great option is @shy_ane.

Now that love month is fast approaching, it might be time for you to profess your love online! Download Tiktok on your iOS and Android devices today, and show us who or what you love.

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