Yakikai My Kind of Samgyeopsal and Yakiniku Haven

2/28/2020 08:01:00 AM

We, Filipinos, loves to eat. We are very adventurous when it comes to food. We love to taste different flavors, here in the Philippines and even in other countries. I'm just glad that I don't have to go abroad just to taste some of the flavorful dishes from these different countries. They are the ones who bring their cuisines here in our country.


Of course, there are also trends when it comes to food, what is in and what is hot. Right now, some of the trending dishes that you can find almost everywhere are the Samgyup and Yakiniku. I believe these dishes are the "in" thing right now. So, I'm "in" right now because I was able to have a taste this food craze at present and I had it tried at Yakikai Grill and Fusion Buffet. One of the newest establishments in the area. They just opened last December 2019 and lines are already piling. It is located in the area of Scout Lazcano in Tomas Morato.

According to its owner, the name of the restaurant, Yakikai literally means "Grill Together" - "Yaki" means "Grill", while "Kai" means "Together." Well, it is, in fact, right, because we love and enjoy food with our loved ones. Family, friends, colleagues and loved ones will enjoy the offerings at Yakikai.

Yakikai offers an interesting dish, the Samgyupsal that you'll surely enjoy grilling at your table. You can also try the buffet near their open kitchen. They see to it that they prepare fresh meals for their customer. You can never feel the food fatigue with their selection of food. What's more interesting is that they have this as unlimited or eat all you can.

Yakikai can accommodate 150 pax and they also have a reservation to those who would want to enjoy their foods immediately. I, myself, together with the other Bloggers enjoyed the foods and the dessert they have served for us. Check out also their different kinds of ice cream as your dessert. 
I didn't know that people are really craving for their offering not until I saw the line that had built up outside of the establishment. From the entrance of Yakikai till outside, there are really plenty of people waiting to listed and served. Take note that at that time it is mid-week, not even a weekend. Customers are surely eager to try what Yakikai offers.
Because of this, my friends and my family message me that they want to try it. Even in my social media post, my churchmate and high school barkada are asking about Yakikai.
To give them a hit of the flavor, last weekend, my BFF "Kita Kits Girls" visited Yakikai. I made sure to have a reservation on that day, unfortunately, Yakikai's reservation was already full. So, we decided to be just a walk-in customer. That was Sunday and it is a wow, we came to the restaurant around past 4 PM. Take note of our number "No. 33", but Yakikai accommodated until 28 only for that batch. That was just a few minutes after they have opened, by the way, they open at 4 PM onwards. So we waited for almost 1 hour just to enjoy this eat all you can samgyeopsal. So many people want to try it. Me, I'll definitely be back again. Actually, I will try to reserve again this coming weekend for my family. Oh well, it seems that I am a Yakikai fan now.

Visit Yakikai Grill & Fusion Buffet at 122 Scout Lazcano st., Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City with contact number 09271383980.

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