World Vision Noche Buena Campaign

12/04/2012 07:48:00 PM

It's another out of town adventure in my life and this time it's somewhere in Zambales. It's quite different from the usual leisure and relaxation that I used to do when going in an out of town adventure. This time it's for a cause, an advocacy!

This particular event is very near to my heart. It's an activity that touches my past. As I have mentioned before in some of my post, I was once a sponsored child and being one can really help me relate with the children. I am so glad when Ms. Kristine of World Vision invited me to join with this Noche Buena Campaign in Zambales. It's indeed a pleasure to be a part and a bridge to promote this campaign.

The walk

It was last November 10, 2012 when we went to Zambales in a school to meet some of World Vision's sponsored child. I think the range of their age is from 7 to 10 years old. They started the program earlier before we arrived, it was almost lunch time when we get there. It was a one day activity for the children.

Each Blogger had an opportunity to be with one kid during the whole program. The bloggers and the staff of World Vision stood as their big brother and big sister. It's more of a bonding thing with these children.

There I met Frem (my nickname for her), an 11 year old girl who's so shy just like me. Perhaps that's why we became close because of that, hahaha. Frem was a grade five student with lots of stories at her age, even though filled with so much things she's still eager and want to learn more. While having an activity together, one of the blogger took a picture of us and I thought she was that shy but I was amazed when she suddenly raised her hand to her face and made the peace sign like the Japanese girls do. Hahaha, she wasn't shy after all.

As the activity goes on Frem's emotion suddenly felt in her drawings. It reflects her life and her saddest moment. I'm not really an artist but I can sense deep emotions through her drawings and perhaps that's the reason why we're there, to give comfort with what they are going through. Being there having some great fun activities made them forget unwanted memories. Even though it was just a short span of time at least we have made them smile.

With this, World Vision is re-launching the Noche Buena Gift campaign as it is their seventh-year Christmas offering to give Filipinos the opportunity to share their blessings to poor families in this meaningful season. For only Php 1,000, a sponsored child receives a Noche Buena gift pack which consists of essential food items and a special hand-picked present of your choice (optional) which he/she can enjoy with the family or even the whole community in the coming Christmas Eve! Last year, more than 35,000 children delightfully received their Noche Buena gifts.

I am so glad that with this simple deed of writing and inviting readers will be of big help to spread and promote their campaign. It is enlightenment for some of the Filipinos that lot of kids nationwide needs our help.

Let us help World Vision to reach goal with their campaign to give Noche Buena pack to those sponsored children, let us give smile on their faces as they celebrate the Christmas with their family.

For details about the Noche Buena Campaign, visit or call 372-7777.

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