World Vision with Hi 5 with Maki

12/19/2012 06:42:00 PM

I have already featured some of the activities of World Vision here in my blog for this month of December.  I think this will be the last post about the Noche Buena Campaign of World Vision.

From the campaign, now they are down to the culminating activity which was held Malabon.  A great program was held that time and aside from the Noche Buena packages that were given to the sponsored children of World Vision there were also lots of surprises for the kids.  One of the surprises was the presence of the Hi-5.  Hi-5 gave happiness on all the kids during the activity, there were singing, dancing, and some animal look alike that made a loud laugh in the venue.

Maki, my eldest son enjoyed the activity very much and he remembered the show Hi-5 in television I think he was still 3 years old back then. I was delighted that my son was very happy and he enjoyed the moment with Hi-5.  I was even more surprised when he whispered to me that his favorite member of the group was Casey.  I asked him why?  He instantly answered me softly, because of her hair. Casey used to pony her hair, that look her as a kid.

After the moment of laughter and joy, Hi-5 members continue giving happiness by giving the Noche Buena package which was given by generous hearts from the foster parents and other individuals as well who contributed for the cause.  It's something the foster child's family could have together during the Noche Buena or the Christmas Eve.

Kids is the reason to celebrate this Christmas.  There are many ways to send or give happiness, specially to those needy one.

The event end with a smile on every face of the foster child.

I will take this opportunity to thank World Vision for allowing my eldest son be on the event specially to Ms, Bang (Kristine Barangan). Hope to be invited again on their future event.

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