ABS CBN Star Magic Christmas Party

12/15/2012 06:40:00 AM

Christmas here, there and everywhere. Lots of people are attending Christmas parties of their company, with their relatives, and with friends.

Games, prizes, foods plus raffle, those things made the Christmas party lively.

Yesterday, I attended a somewhat intimate party with the bloggers.  ABS CBN Star Magic staff prepared a special party for the bloggers at the same time it is a suprise birthday celebration for our very good blogger friend FLOW GALINDEZ of angsawariko.com.

IT was a non stop dancing of Gangnam Style, where Ms. Jing Javier of amajingforlife.blogspot.com won as she did a hyper dancing Gangnam style.  Well, she won a singing contest before and now a dancing contest. All I can say to my loving, thoughtful and a good  blogger friend Jing Javier, IKAW NA!

We ended with a big smile and all of us bring home a lot of goodies prepared by ABS CBN Star Magic.

Thank you and more power.

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  1. Awww, now ko lang na-sight ito! Am so touched my dear friend, thank u for the kind words hihihi ang masasabi ko lang din is, "No, angie, IKAW NA!!! :)


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