My Favorite TV Station for The Netizen's Choice Award

12/15/2012 12:43:00 AM

Most of the Filipinos love watching on TV like teleseryes, news, programs and other entertainment shows.  We put all our time just watching TV.  We really follow some shows and we even wait for it until that teleserye airs.

Television is all year round trending, particularly in the Philippines.  We are hooked in the television specially the teleseryes, gives current information from the news and entertain by different shows.  All these are present in just one box of entertainment called television.  I can say that we're hooked if we couldn't miss any of the series.

Well, I can say that "The family that stick together live together." because our family loves to watch the shows in ABS CBN and we really stick to the shows until the end of the series.  It's like a graduation whenever those teleseryes end their shows. 

So, what's my favorite TV Station well... it's none other than the


The opportunity to be heard and to vote for my favorite TV station was brought by the big three blogs of,, and If you want to do the same just head on the link and read the mechanics

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