Active Fun Spooktacular Halloween Party 2015

11/16/2015 07:23:00 AM

Halloween Parties are just one of the much-awaited events not only for the adults but for the kids as well. Some enjoys the look of being spooky and some enjoys the trick or treats, though, we parents we knew the essence of All Souls Day and All Saints Day.
Our kids happiness is one of our priority, they need to enjoy their childhood years. So, supportive parents like us is a must and create happy memories for our kids and a good way to bond with them.
Gladly, Active Fun Fairview Terraces is just near to us. After a short program in the school last October 28, we headed on to Active Fun and join the fun filled Halloween Party.

Active Fun gave chance to all the kids to play in their playground. My kids were so tired yet happy after playing inside Active. They were given a chance to explore what was inside Active Fun, they both told me that they really enjoyed inside the playground.



 After the play, it was the time for Trick or Treats. Since my kids were two Little Princes who are dressed like a princes. They were all paraded and given a chance to stroll around the mall to showcase their costume and of course  shouted "Happy Halloween, Trick or Treats" on every establishment. Well, most of the establishment showed their support on this activity, they gave lots of candies and chocolates to all the kids.

Here is the video of Active Fun Staff during the event;

Tired Kids? Uh oh, they are  still up and they still want to have more activities. Well Active Fun stored more activities for them, they had a magic show and modeling show as well. Kids were given a chance to show up their costume and let the Judges choose the best dress ever in every categories.

Happy moments to be with my kids and this happened because of Active Fun. Thank you Active Fun for having me and my kids, this is one of the accomplished tasks on my kids childhood bucket list. To be with my kids in creating their happy moments is the best achievement for us, Parents.
Mommies, visit Active Fun, if you want your kids to explore, enjoy and mingle with other kids. Have a bonding moment with them always.
Visit Active Fun at Ayala Fairview Terraces visit their website facebook page instagram @activefun_official

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