TFC@theMovies brings much-anticipated, iconic movie ‘A Second Chance’ worldwide

11/30/2015 09:55:00 AM

After creating history in the Philippine movie industry and continuing to break box office records to date with about a Php 100M in ticket sales three days after its release, “A Second Chance” is set to unfold to audiences worldwide, eager to see the sequel to one of the most iconic Filipino romantic films of all time in, “One More Chance.”
Now officially recorded as the Philippine film with the highest ticket sales on its opening day, outside the Metro Manila Film Festival, “A Second Chance,” is the sequel to “One More Chance,” the movie which has created a cult following of Filipino fans worldwide for its memorable lines and inspiring story of Popoy (played by John Lloyd Cruz) and Basha (played by Bea Alonzo) who give each other an opportunity to love again.
With a huge number of Filipinos who could relate to one of the most beautiful stories told on Philippine cinema, the first movie has already spawned a CD and DVD version and have been screened worldwide via Pay-per-View on TFC and The movie which stars two of the countries’ biggest on-screen partners, also produced a book version eight years after it first touched the hearts of moviegoers worldwide, making it a veritable part of the Filipino pop culture.

According to Bea, more than them deserving praise for influencing Filipino romantics and even the new generation or the millennials’ perception on love, she is even more delighted as to how their movie and their characters have been accepted. “I am very proud of the Filipino audience na tinatanggap nila ng ganito ang pelikula (I am very proud of how receptive the Filipino audience has been of our movie.” Bea says.

Now, John Lloyd and Bea brilliantly reprise their iconic roles in Star Cinema’s sequel A Second Chance, which will be shared by TFC@theMovies to eager fans worldwide.

Set seven years after their reconciliation, A Second Chance is the continuation of Popoy and Basha’s story after they’ve given love one more chance. This time, the film explores the realities and complexities of a married life.

Here are videos during Grand Presscon of A Second Chance here in the Philippines.

Years after their grand wedding, Popoy is a failed engineer, struggling to keep his business afloat and his self-esteem solid. Basha on the other hand, becomes a submissive wife, giving up a lot to keep her marriage intact.

Ultimately, both Popoy and Basha are now faced with the countless trials as a married couple. Basha ponders on the reality that loving Popoy at his best is easy. Will she be able to love him enough to stay with him even at his worst?

By creating a different picture of the two characters Pinoys have grown to love, A Second Chance also dares to ask the question of whether love can remain the same even when people change.

John Lloyd shares that his character Popoy captures this reality in one of his memorable lines in the movie. He says, “It takes courage to face the reality that love is not always about wines and roses. “It’s brave to ask what if not but it’s even braver to embrace what is - this is one of the core of our story.”

Also reprising her role at the helm of this blockbuster franchise is blockbuster director Cathy Garcia Molina as well as the incomparable writing tandem of the very talented screenwriters Carmi G. Raymundo and Vanessa R. Valdez.
Immortal lines “Sana ako pa rin. Ako na lang. Ako na lang ulit,” and “She had me at my worst. You had me at my best…and you chose to break my heart,” resonated in the hearts and minds of an entire generation of Filipino moviegoers to this very day. The writing tandem hopes to create more lines in this sequel which they hope will reverberate as well.

A Second Chance is the reunion movie for Bea and John Lloyd after their 2012 mega hit, The Mistress.

Be part of the latest chapter of Popoy and Basha’s love story and find out how many chances does true love deserve to get? Catch A Second Chance in the Middle East on December 3, in North America starting December 4; in Europe starting December 5 and 6;in Australia and New Zealand starting December 10; in Singapore on December 12 and in Hong Kong on December 13. Kapamilyas in Europe and the Middle East can watch the press con live via Registration is free.
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