Nutri10 Plus Syrup

11/17/2015 12:12:00 PM

Our Family's health is one of our priority, especially when we talk about kids. Right food for them is a must to ensure that they are always on the go with their activities in school and at home.

Gladly, that Nutri10 Plus is a food supplement that help kids be 'aktibo't malakas". It's a food supplement for the kids ages 1-12 years old. According to its packaging this will boost kid's health and energy.

My eldest son, Maki, have been taking this Nutri10 Plus for almost 3 months since Mommy Bloggers PH introduced it to some Mommy Bloggers and of course including me. I'm happy that my eldest son is so very active in school now.

Nutri10 Plus is now continuously being taken by my eldest. It is packed with Taurine, CGF or Chlorella Growth Factor, Zinc and Lysine that keep him on the go with his activities at home and at school.

I will definitely let my youngest son who is now 4 years old to try Nutri10 Plus. Watch out for my story soon here in my blog about the good help of this food supplement to my youngest son, Gelo.

Mommies, let your kids try Nutri10 Plus Ponkan Flavor, to gain that "aktibo't malakas" for your little ones. Comment here your experience with Nutri10 Plus.

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