Angela Markado, A Criminal or A Victim? Showing On December 2

11/30/2015 10:00:00 PM

Movies like this touches me very much because first I'm a woman and knowing that things like this could happen. From the serial comics written by Carlo J. Caparas and a film directed by the National Artist for Film, Lino Brocka, Oro De Siete Films Production, Inc and Viva Films produces the movie,  Angela Markado. Through the eyes of its writer Carlos J. Caparas directs this year's remake of the film with Andi Eigenmann plays the role of Angela's character. Together with the great casts like Epi Quizon, Paolo Contis, Felix Rocco, Polo Ravales, CJ Caparas, Mika Dela Cruz, Isabelle Peach, Bugoy Carino, Buboy Villar, Anna Roces, Marita Zobel, Bembol Rocco and Bret Jackson.

The film is about the story of Angela who was forced to work as a waitress in one of the classy bars in Manila when her mother suffered stroke and so she could continue her school as well as her siblings Imee and Jmmy. During her work at the bar she meets five patrons of the bar, who turn out to be her rapists led by Leo, a rancher; Tory, a drug dealer; Garrix, a drug courrier Jack, a drug user; and Bren, a tattoo artist. She was later on kidnapped, raped, tortured and beaten by the five men and worse they tattooed their names on Angela's back. She was able to escaped with the help of Sabel but what happened to her mother and boyfriend made her have a life's mission to kill the five men with their own brand of brutality by wearing wigs and costumes, and stalking the men with a handy switchblade.

I have been watching teleseryes when I'm at home and I have seen how Andi Eigenmann play the roles of the characters. She's indeed a controversial hit maker and made a remarkable portrayal of the characters she played. According to Director Carlo J. Caparas Andi's acting prowess will make the Angela Markado he imagine will come alive in this movie remake. A vengeful victim unmerciful and most brutal woman.

This movie genre is going to be a big mark for Andi not only that the movie is a multi-awarded movie by Lino Brocka but it is also from the renowned multi-awarded filmmaker Carlo J. Caparas. According to Andi "I believe in the project, a byword and multi-awarded movie by Lino Brocka, and now, to be handled by another mulit-awarded filmmaker Carlo J. Caparas... this is really a big one for me ! A different kind of drama-thriller-shocker movie... a dream role and project... hindi ko po pakakawalan at sasayangin ito... matagal kong hinintay ang role na ito... it's worth the wait!"

For mommies and fans of Andi Eigenmann here's a chance to see her on a different kind of role that will surely give you mix emotions with the character Angela. Is she a criminal to be convicted or a victim to be symphatized? Watch the movie on December 2, 2015 know what happens at the end of the movie.

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