Calata Corp Is The New World Guinness Record Holder with Its “Lechon Party”

11/19/2015 09:13:00 AM

Personally I love lechon and knowing that there’s an attempt to break the World Guinness Record for the “Largest serving of roast pork” is something that is worth covering. Since we, Filipinos love lechon very much then perhaps this is something that is to be witnessed and of course to be enjoyed as Calata Corporation Philippines is hailed as the new World Guinness Record holder with its Lechon Party. The event happened at the Liwasang Aurora of the Quezon City Memorial Circle.

Calata Corporation, one of the biggest agribusiness conglomerates in the country. Its business is one of the largest retailer and distributor of top agrochemical brands, feeds, fertilizers, veterinary medicines and seeds throughout the country. Calata Corporation also owns and operates a chain of retail stores named AGRI, the largest retailer of the country’s choice brands such as AGRI Crop Protection, Heisenberg veterinary medicines, Thomson and Hine, as well as Ivansmith agrochemicals.

The day of the Lechon party made the people busy with more than 50 plus persons armed with chopping knives and aprons, these lechons are then carried to a specialized weighing platform to measure how many kilos have already been chopped and waiting to be served to the awaiting public. Calata Corporation topped the record by serving 4,045 kilos of the country’s well-loved version of roast pork which is the Lechon. Dethroning the previous record holder from Mexico with a served cochinita pibil weighed at 3,094.2 kilos.

As the Calata Corporation celebrated their 16th years in the business, this attempt of breaking the world’s Guinness record is one way of them saying thank you to their partners and patron consumers of their products direct or indirect. According to Joseph Calata, Chairman and CEO OF Calata Corporation, “This year, we celebrated our 16 successful years in the business by giving back to the community instead of having a lavish party. This is a very momentous occasion for the Philippines, to break the Guinness World Record for the ‘Largest serving of lechon’.”

The Lechon Party and the announcement of the World Guinness Record representative happened at the Liwasang Aurora of the Quezon City Memorial Circle which is an early Christmas treat for the less privileged residents of Metro Manila and not only that but as a present for the company being the new record holder of the Guinness World Record for the ‘Largest serving of roast pork’.

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