Arjo Atayde in Demand!

4/07/2019 08:02:00 PM

Yes, Arjo Atayde is in demand and there are five (5) things to learn why he is in demand and five things to know how in demand he is.  Recently, this versatile actor has his main reasons to boast about his career.  The blooming career and the expounding name in showbiz.

So, what are these five (5) things to learn of him being in demand.

1. Great and versatile actor.
2. He is the subject of interest recently.
3. His professional attitude towards work.
4. He loves his craft very much.
5. He enjoys working.

Now that you know my thoughts why he is in demand, let us now know the proof of him being in demand.

1. First is his iWant project entitled BAGMAN where he described his character as one of the wildest role he portrayed. ( I will definitely watch this on iWant)

2. His character in General's Daughter as Elay, of which I watch it every night. He is really into his character and played it very well.

3. His family is his inspiration. Like what he said, everything he does is for their future. He always include his family whatever and whichever path he takes.

4. His Love life i guess, which is now actually on "Dating Status" and that's according to him.

5. His latest movie "Stranded", which I am so excited to watch in the cinema. On his latest film "Stranded" he plays a new role. A character from being a contrabida to a happy-go-lucky personality in this romantic movie. Catch and fall in love with Arjo Atayde in the film showing on April 10 in cinemas nationwide!

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