NLEX Road Warriors Gives Full Support to Coach Yeng Guiao's Journey Back to the Congress

4/10/2019 10:05:00 AM

One of the veteran coach, Yeng Guiao, with the support of his team, the NLEX Road Warriors, is fully supported as he campaign his journey back to the Congress as Congressman of the Province of Pampanga's 1st District.

During the bloggers conference, NLEX Road Warriors Coach Yeng Guiao shares what he loves doing, basketball and politics. As he continues his coaching career he will be making his way back to the congress to give support and help nit only to his constituents but also to all athletes striving very much to give pride for our country.

A few details about Coach Yeng Guiao's coaching career and public service.

He started his coaching career in 1990 and still leading basketball teams to their success until today. Presently, NLEX Road Warriors is the lucky team have one of the outstanding coach.

A basketball team isn't enough to contain his leadership skill, born from a family of public servants he entered politics in 2004 as Vice Governor of the Province of Pampanga. He was able to serve the public in three (3) consecutive terms under three Governors (Mark Lapid, Ed Panlilio, and Lilia Pineda). Then later on in 2013 he became the Congressman of Pampanga's 1st District.

Continuing public service and sports!

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