Sylvia Sanchez Gave a PowerfulPerformance in Jesusa

4/08/2019 11:41:00 PM

Truth, addiction is one of the big problem of this country and having films that enlightens people can help in the campaign against it. We're all into this.

In the film Jesusa, which is played by Ms. Sylvia Sanchez, is a powerful performance that can convince and let you be in the situation. Portraying the emotionally abused wife and drug addict Jesusa, Ms Sylvia Sanchez captured the interest of the viewers. I'm really looking forward for Ms. Sylvia Sanchez to receive an award for her acting in this movie.

Jesusa is one of the film entry in Sinag Maynila 2019. It is a film that tackles the long time problem of every individual, a struggle in drugs and domestic violence often seen in slums.

Part of the film are Mara Lopez, __, Allen Dizon, Beverly Salviejo, and Ynez Veneracion.

Check out the screening schedules of Sinag Maynila.

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