Mayor Guia’s Tasty Bacalao And Her Advocacies

4/24/2019 05:34:00 PM

It's rare for me to be invited by politicians and to have lunch with them. Fortunately, I am grateful to be invited, together with the other bloggers, to have a luncheon event at the house of Mayor Guia Gomez on her Birthday. It was a sumptous lunch and a chika overload with her.

Mayor Guia is the mother of Senator JV Ejercito, the Senate's Mr Healthcare. During our interview with Mayor Guia on the day of her birthday, she talked about her lovelife, showbiz carreer, as well as her college life. Mayor Guia is a very jolly person and no dull moment with her.
She also shared what his son, Senator JV Ejercito's gift for her and she is very grateful for it. Like her, Senator JV also has a big heart for the Filipinos and a truly public servant.

Of course the birthday celebration will not be complete without the star of the day, the food. Finally, I can taste the very famous dish of Mayor Guia, her specialty, the Bacalao! She only cooks the Bacalao once a year and this is my first time to taste it.

The Bacalao really taste good. Indeed, we need more rice to eat with the Bacalao. A very unique dish and can you imagine it’s a fish! Aside from Bacalao, she also prepared some other dishes, the Bulalo, Adobo, Pochero, and the Relyenong Fish. It's truly a “Lutong Bahay” and if you say it lutong bahay it's very tasty and you will eat a lot and we did! A very generous Mayor Guia with a feel at home food!

Truly, Mayor Guia supports her son Senator JV Ejercito on his candidacy as re-electionist. Sen JV is the author of the Universal Health Law that will help a lot of Filipinos. For sure Sen JV can do a lot more!
Thank you very much Mayor Guia for welcoming us and being generous. We enjoy the day for having us as your guest. More power to you and  your advocacy of serving the public.


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