ALIF Partylist Allied with TPC To Further Push Their Advocacy

5/03/2019 06:24:00 AM

This is my first time to hear the ALIF (Ang Laban ng Indiginong Filipino) Partylist and after hearing their talk and advocacy it made clear to me that indigent Filipinos are those who truly are native of this land, so we should consider ourselves as indigent Filipinos. Today, ALIF is one of many organizations running this coming May election who pushes its advocacy in congress. The group aims to help millions of Filipinos unreached by the projects and programs of the government.

ALIF Partylist is an organization devoted to serving Filipinos through providing livelihood programs and spreading technology and connectivity to far-fetched areas. ALIF also aspires to empower the indigenous sector and its families by providing access to government funds and programs that preserve heritage and culture. These programs promote sustainable livelihood that has socio-economic impact in their respective areas.

ALIF' made an alliance with one of the strong and still growing multi-level marketing company, the Telepreneur Corporation. This alliance can certainly make the organization see the future in fulfilling their dreams of letting their advocacy for the country to come true. Creating more opportunity to help and improve the lives of more Filipinos.

Currently, the organization's nominees are Agakhan Tomawis and Lorenzo Rellosa, who are both looking forward to serve the public. The first nominee is Agakhan Tomawis, he is the son of Acmad Maruhom Tomawis, the one who organized the party in Marawi City in February 2003, after a series of consultations and meetings with leaders of the indigenous cultural communities, including Muslim Filipinos. While Lorenzo Rellosa is the President and CEO of a multi-level marketing company, Telepreneur Corporation. He is also from a family with political background.

ALIF seeks to represent the marginalized and underrepresented sector of the indigenous groups particularly in Mindanao. ALIF Partylist advocating for a better life for 100 million Filipinos.

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