Ai Ai Delas Alas is Siomai King' Newest Celebrity Endorser and Franchisee

5/07/2019 09:14:00 AM

One of the comfort foods of Pinoy, the Siomai. We enjoy taking siomai during merienda time and even lunch or dinner with rice as well. Don’t know the reason but I love Siomai very much.

Recently, we witnessed Siomai King's announcement that the One and only Comedy Concert Queen Miss Ai Ai Delas Alas is their newest Celebrity Endorser and Franchisee. According to them Miss Ai Ai is their choice to be their ambassador with a tagline/hashtag #AngSiomaiNgInaMo. Yes, indeed, Miss Ai Ai is the pambansang ina in the Philippines because of her block buster movies titled as Ang Tanging Ina.

Siomai King is not new to me. I always eat siomai whenever I am at the mall and it's always my pasalubong for my hubby.

Siomai King has been around in every corners of the street and grocery stores, they have been made every tummy filled with enjoyment and fullfilment. What's interesting with Siomai King is their different flavors, taken from different country names like the HongKong, Shanghai, and Japanese plus the Chicken flavor.

You really have a lot of flavors to choose from and to enjoy. So visit the nearest Siomai King store near you.

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